Car Insurance in Naples, FL

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It is easy to overpay for auto insurance. Dealing with insurance carriers doesn’t now always mean you get the best rates, and there is a good reason for that:

Customer service

Of course we are not inferring that agents answering the phones for these major companies are rude, or anything. Most of these folks are nice, friendly people. That being said, the companies they work for (be it on commissions or on salaries) are so big, and serve every state in the union that it is difficult for them to tailor make a car insurance quote, designed to fit the needs of someone living in Naples for example.

So how do you find affordable Auto Insurance?

Here is how:

  • Work with a local agent. Of course we would say that, wouldn’t we? But we’re not wrong. As local agents, our job is to provide a service that goes beyond what the carriers we represent routinely offer. We go the extra mile to find the best and cheapest insurance in Naples, and because we live and work in Naples, we are fully familiarized with the needs of drivers in Naples.
  • Get regular quotes. You might be surprised to learn that in many cases, auto insurance rates do go down overtime. This is so for a number of reasons, which include the depreciation of your vehicle, car or track, the improvement of your driving record, a driving course you might have taken, better school grades for young drivers etc..
  • Talk to your agent. Find out the differences between various options. Assess your choices as they pertain to collision, comprehensive or personal injury protection. Individual car insurance needs vary from person to person, and of course from car to car.
  • Compare quotes.  When you talk to us, or your preferred local agent, make sure to ask if a quote you are given can be matched by a different carrier. Often times, insurance agents will base their research on a specific carrier they feel more comfortable with.  That all very well, and these personal choices are based on personal experiences but by all means, do ask about the differences based on a similar coverage from different carriers. Make sure the coverage is similar.  Read the small print, or better still, get your agent to tell you about them.

Accidents can happen to anybody and when they do, they can be financially devastating.

Always be prepared. This is what we tell our customers. An accident, regardless of fault can happen to all of us and it is important to prepare for what may come. When you call us, we will ensure that you are made fully aware of the various scenarios that might have to face, and how best to handle any eventuality.

 Insurance Protection for you and your family

Your auto insurance is your very own protective shield. It is there to protect you and your assets, in case or an accident resulting in injury, damage or loss.

  • Liability: This covers case were you are the cause of the accident. You don’t necessarily need to opt for most coverage, but is is a good idea not stick to the minimum required by Florida law. When it comes to liability, less is not more.
  • Comprehensive: This coverage emcompasses damages other than collissions alone.
  • Collission: The obvious protection in the event that your car is damaged by a collision.

Additional protections:

  • Emergency Road Assistance
  • Medical Payments to cover the cost of injuries, to yourself or a passenger
  • Uninsured Motorist Protection: One the reasons for the high costs of car insurance in Naples, Florida, given the huge number of motorists who drive without car insurance.

Let us take care of you car insurance needs in Naples

As an agency with over a decade of experience in Florida, we have dealth with too many drivers who realized that they were not adequately protected. Sometimes, financial realities dictate decisioins some drivers take not to heed the advice of their insurance agents and while we understant this perfectly, the reality is that one unfortunate mishap is sometimes all it takes to plunge people in devasting personal and financial loss.

As a licensed insurance agent in Naples, our job is to inform you of all aspects as they pertain to car insurance and help you choose the right coverage for your very own specific needs. We want to help you be protected.

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